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Welcome to Dragonball Infinity! Dragonball Infinity is a free Dragonball game. It's an indie game. This means we want to generate fast fun with this game. We have gone a very different way with this game! It should be something quite different from what already exists. The game is still in the Early Access mode. Means. which we still have many ideas, and much that we have planned, is still not at all in the game. You can always give us tips for improvement. You can easily do this via our social media pages, such as Facebook or Twitter. Besides, you can help us. You can add a Like to our Facebook or Twitter page, and you will always be the fastest to get to our social media page when there are new updates or content. You can also leave us a small donation. This helps us most of course, because with more capital, we can drive our ideas and objectives with Dragonball Infinity Better and faster. Also here is said, it is completely voluntary. We say here and now already times thank you! Thanks, for any help you can give us! And now we wish you lots of fun with Dragonball Infinity! Thank you for reading! And have a nice day!







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Cool Game!